lunes, 18 de julio de 2016


 THIS IS IT!....At last, here we offer you the best of the best!
This is the ultimate video which we have produced. It features a little bit of everything: the interviews, the school trips, the short term exchanges, music, pictures and everything about the Project.
You are just a single click away from it.....
This is the link to the video:

Dedicated with love from Córdoba (Spain) to all our friends in Austria and Germany.
See you soon, the project must go on! ;-)

sábado, 18 de junio de 2016

My personal conclution about the project

The Erasmus+ Project was a fantastic experience for me, we make some friends, learn about the culture in te country and the project helped to improve our English level.

I think that in future project we should improve other languages for examples French or German, because these languages are very important in the European Union or Chinese, because this language is the most spoken language in the world.

The bad thingh of this project are the duration of the project because it has been short and the free time we have a lot of free time, more countries to choose and more people can to participate in this project and travel.

The educational system is Austria is better than Spain, the facilities to learn are better, Austrian's classes are bigger than the Spanish's classes, etc.

My program for a week in Cordoba:

lunes, 13 de junio de 2016


The Erasmus + Project was a magnificent experience for us, it helped us to improve our English level which I think that it's the most important fact of these kinds of projects and also it made us make some really nice friends.

I think that in future projects we could improve our level in another languages such as French or German because these two languages are really important in the European Union.

In another future projects I think that we could spent more time in another countries, because in a week you don't have enough time to get use to speak the language which you are learning.

The educational system in Austria is better than the one that we have in Spain because they try to develop our creativity and that's very important.

Finally, this is my program for a week in Cordoba:

Opening Ceremony
Visit to the Mosque-Cathedral
Visit to Medina-Azahara
Visit to the Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos
Excursion to the philosophy and letter faculty of Cordoba
Free time
Working Session
Sightseeing of the city centre
Visit to the Palace of Viana
Excursion to the Andalusian Film Archive
Lunch time

Free time
Welcome Party
Free time
Shopping at the Arcangel Shopping Centre
Free time
Free time and shopping

My personal conclution about the project

With this project I have become more confident, I have raise my English level  and the most important thing, I have made new friends.

In project like this is easy learn english because you are learning at the same time that you are having fun. In my opinion this is the best way to learn something.This project has been wonderful, but I think it would have been longer to be more relaxed.

My program for someone who would come to my city would be the next:

Sunday        Monday        Tuesday            Wednesday         Thursday             Friday            Saturday
Travel       Presentation       visit to          Working session   Visit Álcazar      Free time        travel
and           of the project    the mosque      Visit Medinat      de los Reyes     and shopping
relaxe       and welcome    play differents  Azahara              Cristianos
                  party                  sports

The educational system in Germany is better than the Spanish because in Germany the subjects are more creative than in Spain and in the high school, where I was,the musical learnig was free.

martes, 7 de junio de 2016

Consideration of the project

This project has done a bigger perception of what we are and where we are, because we are not Spanish people, we are citizens of the world. We have been able to improve our English and learn about the culture and lifestyle in different countries.
In this Erasmus + project I think we should work in learning German, because it is the language of the countries with a higher economy so it is logical to learn it.
If I had to say a bad thing of this project, I would stand lout the duration of the project. For everyone this trip has been really short, and I think that with some weeks more we could have had almost a B2.
Finally, I would like to talk about the differences of the education systems here and there. On the one hand teachers are equally qualified and the list of topics are quite similar, but on the other hand, the facilities there are much better.
Finally, I will put the perfect week for me in Cordoba.

My experience

The trip we made was awesome. First of all, our partnes, families and teachers were great, so living during one week with them was really easy. This project has lent me to improve my level of English to a high level. It has also lent me to meet fantastic people, specially Bastian, my partner, who had an awesome behavior with me and who I consider a big brother for me. It is hardly impossible to describe the feeling that I have when I think in the trip, it was just perfect. Obviously, I would have prefered staying there more time, but it isn't a problem, because I am sure we will see each others again.


My Experience

My experience in Austria was incredible! It was one of my favourite travel outside Spain. In my opinion Austria it ones of de most important country in Europe. We visited a lot of important monuments like The Palace of the King Setse and the Parlament.

The family was great, my host friend have a little sister and a rabbit. It was so cool.
In y opinion the family was great, all the family talk English and the little sister practised English talking whit my.

lunes, 6 de junio de 2016

My experience in Germany

This trip has been by far the best trip I've ever had! Every moment since I arrived Germany has been amazing.

The first thing I realized when all of us were together was that the group was even larger that I thought, because there were more germans and austrians who participated in the project and, although I didn't know them well, I started getting on with them soon.

Oh shit, how I miss these guys :(

Another thing that really impressed me was the landscape. Everything was so green and beautiful; there were forests and lakes everywhere.

The best experience I had was by far the day in the high rope course. That day we spent the morning and the afternoon in the area surrounding the lake doing sport, and last but not least we took some boats in the lake and we were sailing there for a quite long time, having a really nice time (specially if we've got a tupperware).

These are my host Katharina and me :D
My stay there was great. My house town was Wolframs-Eschenbach, a small catholic town. The first day, my host took me for a small tour to see the town. It was beautiful! The houses, the park, the church... I liked everything.

 As a final remark, I'd like to say that even the 5 hours pause in Barcelona was great, because I thought that we would get bored there, but we went shopping, we ate, made jokes, etc, and time passed quickly.

So, instead of knowing how were we going to make a living we only got really nice memories and a lot of new friends... But I think that's the really important part of the project: to explore beyond limits and become citizens OF THE WORLD.

lunes, 30 de mayo de 2016

My experience in Germany

This is the best team ever (the spanish team). These six students the two teacher has been the  people, who has been in germany.

This trip has been the best in my life. 


In the two pictures on the right, you can see all the student, who has participated  in the Erasmus+ project. Everyone has been wonderful people. 

My favourite moment was the visit to the dokucentum. I become aware about the old problems in Germany in the 30s and the 40s

This the student who has taken me in his house. He is my friend Daniel and he has been and wonderful person. His family has been nearly perfect. I am sure I will see him again

lunes, 16 de mayo de 2016

My experience in Austria

My experience in Austria

The last 3rd of April, we were in Austria during seven days, including the transport days. 
The first day was very exhausting but when we arrived there, it was perfect for us to can get sleep and unpack our baggage.
The second day the austrian guys gave us a opening ceremony. We were seeing the high school and doing some interviews. And at the afternoon we had a welcome party with games.
The third we had a guided tour through Wr. Neustadt, the city in which we were.
Wednesday, during all the day, we were visiting, the capital of Austria named Vienna and it was incredible. In my opinion, it's one of the most beautiful city in the world.
The fifth day was my favourite because we had an excursion to the chocolatemanufactury "Zotter". Though I hate the chocolate, it was amazing to see how they do it and the thousands of kinds of chocolate there, and then we visited an ancient castle where the prison were and prisioners stayed there for a really long time.
The sixth day, there was a closing ceremony with brunch and later, it was a free to do what ever you want so was shopping and buying some souvenirs for our families.
And finally the saddest day, we had to return to Spain.
In conclusion, it was a perfect week full of emotions and new friends for all of us.

martes, 19 de abril de 2016


 My experience in Austria was very good! I feel like I have a second family and I want to go again!

On this travel I have learnt a lot of English and now I can speak English better.

My fauvorite place of the travel was the chocolatemanufactury because I love chocolate and it was very good!

On the picture on the right, they are my host-family (my second family for me) and I'd never change them because they are very nice people :)

lunes, 18 de abril de 2016


Two weeks ago we made the 2nd meeting of our Erasmus + project. This time, we went to Wiener Neustadt in Austria. We stayed there for 6 days from Sunday 3rd to Saturday 9th April.
There, we did a lot of things:

The first day we arrived to Wiener Neustadt at 16:30 so we didn't have too much time to do any activity.
The next day we had the opening ceremony where they told us what we were going to do. After that we made some interviews and we went to the FH Wiener Neustadt. Finally we had a Welcome Party which was incredible.
On Tuesday we made some interviews in the morning and then we had a sightseeing trip around the town.
Wednesday was the most exciting day, because we went to Vienna. It was wonderful!
On Thursday we visited the chocolate making factory “Zotter” where we tasted too many kinds of chocolates and also we visited a castle.
On Friday we had the Closing Ceremony where we presented the project to the other students. After that we said goodbye to the German Department.
Finally on Saturday we came back home.

 We had a really nice week there and the only that I want to do is to see all these guys again.

My experience in Austria

Two weeks ago I went to Wiener Neustadt, Austria. I stayed there for six days (3rd April to 9th April).
We did a lot of things  for example we had a welcome party, we visited Vienna  we visited the chocolate making factory "Zotter", we visited  Winner Neustadt, and I visited Baden with Paula.
I had a really nice week there because the girl and the guys are very friendly, the places are very beautiful and wonderful, we had a lot of funny moments and it's great.
That week was fantastic, I will miss them and I want to see them again.

jueves, 10 de marzo de 2016


Last Tuesday all the Erasmus+ student went to the letter and filosofy university of Cordoba and we have done some interviews, this is my interview:

1. Why did you decide to be a professor in traslation and interpretation?
-Especially because I love the languages, cultures, to speak well, interact with other people and disseminate culture and  disseminate knowledge.

2. How much money do you usually earn in your job?
-More than 1000€ /month.

3. Do you consider that your job is well paid?
-No, but I love my job.

4. What is your job about? 
-Teaching, assess, participate in conferences and seminars,etc.

5. How did you become a professor in traslation and interpretation? What did you have to study to become a professor in traslation and interpretation? 
-I study french philology after I went to Granada for two years to did a master in specialist then I started a career in the faculty.

6. What is the best part of the job?
-The best part of my job is be in contact with students.

7. What is the worse part of the job?
-The worse part of my job is assess students.

8. When did you decide to become a proffesor in traslation and interpretation?
-I decide when I was in the second year of BUP.

9. If you didn't this job, what would you like to work in?
-Primary school teacher.

10. Have you ever thought about working in a foreing country?
 -Yes a lot of but now I have family, sons and now it is difficult.


On Tuesday 1st March we went to the philosophy and letter faculty of the University of Cordoba. There we interviewed a man who is a university worker:

1 – Why do you decided to be a university worker?
Well, I studied psychology in Madrid, but two years ago while I was unemployed they called me and I accepted

2 – How much money do you usually earn in your job?
Approximately 1700 € pr month.

3 – Do you consider that your job is well paid?
Well, I think that it isn't, but it is like everything we always want more.

4 – What is your job?
I have to go to all the faculties and do a lot of things there like talking with the teachers or doing a lot of paperwork

5 – How did you become a university worker? What did you have to study?
A few years ago I used to work at the INEM, but my contract finished and I had to look for a job. I had to study psychology.

6 – What is the best part of your job?
It is the capacity that I have to move to everywhere.

7 -What is the worst part of your job?
I don't think that this work has a bad part.

8 – When did you decided to be a university worker?
I decided two years ago while I was unemployed.

9 – If you did not work in this job, what would you like to work in?
I would like to work as a psycologist, because I always wanted to work in it.

10 – Have you ever thought about living in a foreign country?
I have to say that this job is the second option that I had, but maybe the third was going to another country.


In our last trip, MIguel and I interviewed Pedro, the librarian of the univeristy:

Q: Why did you decide to be librarian?
A: In the beginning, I studied Filology, because I wanted to be a teacher, but when I finished the career I got this job and I liked it.
Q: How much money duo you usually earn in your job?
A: About 1700 €.
Q: Do you consider your job is well paid?

A: Yes.
Q: What is your job about?

A: I arrange and classifiy the books and I give them to the students.
Q: What did you have to study to become librarian?
A: Well, there's nothing specific, but you should be good at laguages to take this job.
Q: What is the best part of your job?

A: I think it's to work with another people.
Q: What is the worst part of your job?
A: When students spoil or break the books.

Q: When did you decide to become librarian?
A: When I noticed there was a free place for this job.
Q: If you did not work in this job, what would you like to work in?
A: Probably as a teacher.
Q: Have you ever thought about working in a foreign country?
A: I've never worked abroad, but I'd like to do it.


In all my travelling experiences I've learned many things, but I think the most important is that I discovered what does to be a citizen of the world means. To be a zitizen of the world is to know that your home is as big as you imagine it. You can go anywhere and you'll be welcomed, if you know how to treat well other people.
So, as Oscar Wilde said, "I'm a citizen of the world".


- Why did you decide to be teacher of art history?
Because it permits me to know about the historical consequences in the society.
- How much money duo you usually earn in your job?
About 1800 euros.
- Do you consider that job is well paid?
No, I don't think so.
- What is your job about?
I teach my students about history and I am also coordinator of this subject.
- What did you have to study to become teacher at the university?
I study at the university, and after I did a doctorate.
- What is the best part of your job?
The best part is to teach the students.
- What is the worst part of your job?
The worst part is to deal with people who don't agree with your opinion.
- When did you decide to become teacher at the university?
I knew it since I was a child.
- If you did not work in this job, what would you like to work in?
I would like to be art history teacher in the high school.
- Have you ever thought about working in a foreign country?
Yes, I have. I thought it but now I have got children and it is imposible.

martes, 8 de marzo de 2016


First of all, I want to say you that Cordoba was the capital of the world at ancient time (929-1031). Due to this, Cordoba have been populated by a lot of cultures and it has amazing buildings also built by different cultures. My favourites to show someone are:

-The mosque: it was built by the musulman culture and then, christians did the cathedral inside there and in my opinion is the best place in Cordoba. 
-Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos: it was the main home of Isabel and Fernando, kings of Spain, and it has a lot of differents places like fonts, real mews and a huge garden.
-Torre de la Calahorra: it is a fortified gate of islamic origin, and they used it to protect the Roman Bridge that was the only way to cross the river.
-Medina Azahara: it is a huge palace made at the highest point of Cordoba. It's an islamic place and it was a present by a califa to her wife, named Azahara.